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Buildex is a leader in design and architecture spheres. We stand for durable materials, qualitative work and innovative technologies. Enjoy our unique architectural solution and design projects!

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Buildex is the place where every design solution is possible! We enjoy challenge and non-standard rooms where we can be as creative as possible.

We are happy to complete the most complex projects and to provide you with the interior of your dream!

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Style + Storage

Decorating a rented apartment can create a few extra obstacles. The limited amount of space and storage can cause all kinds of decorating dilemmas.

Latest News

Tom Green

I want to thank Buildex for helping me remake a room of my home once again, this time the kitchen. It took just a few weeks to transform my old kitchen into practical and easy to maintain.

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David Jones

We would like to thank you for all of your help and participation in making our shoot so successful. We appreciate all of your assistance and look forward to working with you again…

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Mag Richards

It has only been two weeks since you completed our kitchen, and you did such a fantastic job that we already walk around our apartment, planning the next project for you.

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