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Benefits Of Hiring A Third-Party Construction Scheduling Consultant

A construction schedule organizes and sequences all project activities. A good construction schedule explains how resources should be allocated, clearly defines project deliverables and tasks, breaks down the project into milestones, and helps the project manager compare actual costs with projected costs.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of construction scheduling. An accurate construction schedule can guide you in the right direction, helping prevent confusion and waste. If you do not have any experience creating construction schedules or have too much on your plate and are overwhelmed by your workload, consider hiring a third-party construction scheduling consultant.

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What Does a Construction Scheduling Consultant do?

A construction scheduling consultant is responsible for overseeing the entire scheduling process. Construction scheduling consultants know the ins and outs of how to develop effective construction schedules. They take the guesswork out of construction scheduling.

At the beginning of a project, the construction scheduling consultant creates an initial schedule that explains project activities. This schedule is then submitted to either the general contractor or the project owner for approval.

As the project moves forward, the scheduler checks with the project owner’s team to assess completed tasks and identify the remaining tasks that must be finished in a timely and orderly manner to ensure project success. For complex projects, scheduling consultants often use scheduling software instead of relying on manual processes to create construction schedules.

A scheduling consultant may also incorporate a work breakdown structure into the construction schedule to categorize the diverse activities linked to different trades. Additionally, they might phase out the project to ensure that interdependencies are evident.

To learn more, check out our on The Initial Stages of Building a Schedule.

Some Services Offered by Construction Scheduling Consultants

Here are some construction scheduling services offered by scheduling consultants (note that what you receive may vary depending on your service package).

➢ Expert program scheduling
➢ Completion and turnout scheduling
➢ Change impact analysis
➢ Preparation of schedule reports
➢ Design phase scheduling
➢ Periodic schedule updating

Reasons to Hire a Construction Scheduling Consultant

An expert construction scheduling consultant can help you keep your project on schedule. Many scheduling consultants assist their clients in drawing up plans and even help them order supplies, decreasing their workload. If you are managing a complex, multifaceted construction project for the first time, a construction scheduling consultant can be a huge help to you.

Here are some compelling reasons to hire a construction scheduling consultant.


Outsourcing your project planning and management tasks to a third party is a great way to eliminate the need for a full-time scheduler. You need not pay employment benefits or retention bonuses to your outsourcing partner.

An expert consultant can help you make informed scheduling decisions, so you do not exceed your construction budget. They can assist you in identifying ways to cut costs without cutting corners. Typical examples include negotiating favorable contracts with suppliers and choosing cost-effective alternatives to expensive materials. Also, experienced construction scheduling consultants in California, such as The Swaney Corporation, have access to resources that might be challenging for individual business owners to secure on their own.

Scheduling can be complex, challenging, and time-consuming. A construction scheduling consultant can manage the scheduling process from start to finish, helping ensure you stay focused on your most important tasks. 

Risk Management

A third-party scheduling consultant can help reduce the risk of cost overrun on your construction project and overcome scheduling challenges. They can evaluate the existing project plan, identify potential bottlenecks or risks, and help you come up with a plan to manage them. A construction scheduling consultant can also review contracts to see if they’re up to date. Your outsourcing partner can help you track progress and identify any discrepancies that can affect the project timeline.

Improved Communication

An experienced construction scheduling consultant can help overcome communication barriers. Your outsourcing partner will conduct regular team meetings to brief your employees about changes in the construction schedule. They can also send you and your construction manager emails explaining details related to any changes. Effective communication improves the planning process and helps prevent confusion.

Improved Efficiency

An experienced construction scheduling consultant is worth their salt. They can help you identify potential bottlenecks in project management and areas for improvement and gain insights into current and potential problems that can disrupt your project’s schedule. Reputable consultants use the Primavera P6 and other effective scheduling tools designed to help manage risks better and optimize resource allocation.

Hiring the Right Construction Scheduling Consultant

Some consultants have a limited understanding of the scheduling process and lack the skills to create effective construction schedules. Steer clear of such professionals. Also, just because a fellow business owner used a consultant for one of their projects, does not automatically mean that they are the right fit for your project. Assess the skills of the consultant you’re considering and determine if they’re the right fit for your needs.

Here are some tips for choosing the right construction scheduling consultant for your project.

Assess Their Experience

Make sure the consultant has relevant experience. For example, if you are building a housing complex, look for a consultant who has previously helped builders on similar projects.

Talk to References

Ask the consultant you are considering to provide a list of references. Talk to the contractor’s references about their projects and ask them if they’re satisfied with the outcome.

Interview the Consultant

Once you have shortlisted a candidate, call their office to schedule a meeting. A meeting with a consultant is an opportunity to assess their communication style.

Here are some questions to ask a construction scheduling consultant during your initial consultation:

➢ How do you ensure seamless communication between parties?
➢ Which construction scheduling tools do you use?
➢ How long will it take to develop a schedule for my project?
➢ Will I be assigned a dedicated account manager?

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