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Construction Management & Completion Contracting Administration

The Swaney Corporation-Crowe Construction offers comprehensive construction claims and litigation support in California. Our expertise enables us to prepare detailed reports regarding construction deficiencies and damages for project owners, insurance companies, contractors, and sureties.

Upon meeting with clients and conducting a thorough review of the project documents we can advise and assist clients in developing a corrective action plan with an end goal of fiscal recovery and a mutually agreeable settlement.

Our team of construction claims and litigation experts, (including surety bond claims expertise) support clients every step of the way. They have the know-how to analyze, synthesize, and prepare requests for equitable adjustments as well as investigate the loss of efficiency and productivity claims in accordance with California law.

Construction delays and disruptions can lead to cost overruns. We use time-tested methods to measure the impact of delays and help project owners identify the steps they should take to keep their projects on track. Our professionals are adept at using CPM scheduling methods to establish the extent and cause of construction delays. We are also equipped to carry out surety default claim analyses in California.

Construction litigation is expensive and time-consuming. We have our clients’ best interests at heart. Our litigation support teams’ goal is to keep disputes out of court. If a project stakeholder plans to file a claim against you, we promote and assist in settlement negotiations. We will offer comprehensive litigation support if the parties fail to reach an amicable settlement and the matter reaches court. We can provide construction related expert witness testimony and assist in researching and providing supporting documentation to back up your claims.

Handling a construction claim can be a frustrating, time-consuming, and complicated process. We conduct claim avoidance seminars at regular intervals to educate project owners on ways to avoid construction claims.

We are committed to continuous learning to stay on top of industry trends and upgrade our skills. Our knowledge of CPM scheduling methods enables us to leverage technology to create value for our clients.

Our professionals are expert communicators. They keep clients posted on the progress of their projects and conduct meetings with clients’ teams at regular intervals to discuss plans of action.

Losing valuable time and reducing your efficiency? Contact our claims and litigation team and we’ll help you recover lost time. Call (707) 665-9668.

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