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California Construction Management and Completion Contracting Administration

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The Swaney Corporation-Crowe Construction specializes in construction management and contract completion administration in California. Our team is composed of licensed contractors, civil engineers, and technicians from diverse backgrounds. With over 48 years of experience in the construction industry, we understand the importance of having a well-rounded team that can handle different aspects of any project with skill and efficiency. 

Our team has been instrumental in expanding our scope of understanding when it comes to projects of any scale. We are proud of the diverse team we have formed over the years.

Why You Might Need A Construction Management Consultants In California

Here are some signs that you might need a construction management consultant to step in and mitigate potential project disruptions, damages, and delays before you experience major profit loss:

• Adjusting poorly to weather conditions and site accessibility.
• Failing to put a realistic timeline in place for the project completion.
• Failing to account for cost overruns due to unexpected delays, changes in scope, and additional materials.
• Poorly communicating and coordinating between the various contractors involved.
• Not having a system for tracking progress or keeping records of any changes made to the plans during construction.
• Not budgeting or forecasting for any potential problems that may arise.

Construction management and contract administration are complex disciplines. Companies that don’t prioritize management in accordance with their contract and delegate these tasks to their employees may end up making costly mistakes that can jeopardize projects.

California Contract Completion Administration

When it comes to contract completion, there are several common areas that must be addressed in order to ensure that all parties involved have their needs met. These include payment terms, quality control and assurance, dispute resolution, and warranties. It is important for parties to clearly define the scope of work to be completed, the timeline for delivery of services, and any potential penalties for late completion.

Additionally, all parties should review the quality of the services and materials provided, as well as discuss any warranty coverage that may be in place. Finally, should disputes arise, having a dispute resolution agreement in place can help to ensure that both parties have access to an effective course of action for settling their differences quickly and efficiently.

Having an expert consultant in contract administration and completion could be a powerful resource for construction companies that have lots of moving parts and multiple parties involved with different deadlines.

Services Offered for Contract Completion

Here are some of the things we can do:

• Payment and Performance Bond Claim investigation and evaluation.
• Project interim takeover and completion.
• Detailed project monitoring and documentation.
• Time-scaled CPM scheduling and updating.
• Evaluation of subcontractor claims and subcontractor negotiations.
• Contract administration and construction supervision.
• Progress payment analysis.
• Time extension entitlement analysis.
• Change order control, review, and claim preparation.
• Claim avoidance.

Good leaders fix problems quickly and effectively; however, great leaders foresee problems and prevent them from happening in the first place. When you are looking for a partner to help your projects finish on time, on budget, and at your expectation, look no further than The Swaney Corporation-Crowe Construction.

Overwhelmed or looking for an expert opinion that can save your construction project? Call our office at (707) 665-96680


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