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Critical Path Method Project Scheduling (CPM)

Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Health Care, & Civil Projects

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Here at The Swaney Corporation-Crowe Construction, we offer a range of CPM scheduling services in California. Our CPM schedule consultants have acquired a wealth of specialized knowledge that enables them to develop solid, accurate CPM project schedules. They leverage their understanding of CPM principles to perform comprehensive, in-depth CPM schedule delay analyses in California.

Depending on the nature of the project, CPM scheduling can be very complicated. If you make a CPM scheduling mistake, no matter how minor it may seem, your project may suffer a setback. Our professionals are trained experts with a scrupulous eye for detail. Their experience enables them to avoid scheduling mistakes that amateurs often make. They are aware of and follow best practices for CPM scheduling in California. 




Before developing a CPM schedule, our CPM scheduling experts define the project scope and identify the critical tasks. They also identify the factors that can affect the project schedule. The information gathered during the preparation phase helps them create an accurate schedule.

Manual CPM scheduling is inefficient and fraught with difficulties. CPM scheduling experts who rely on manual methods are likely to make costly scheduling errors and may need more time to resolve issues. We use scheduling tools to automate CPM schedule generation. These tools do not rely on humans for inputs and can analyze data to create critical paths. They are less error-prone and faster than humans. These tools help our experts perform comprehensive CPM schedule analyses in California.   

 CPM scheduling methods and tools are evolving rapidly. A tool or method that is popular today may be irrelevant tomorrow. We keep on top of emerging technology trends. Our CPM scheduling experts are lifelong learners. They constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge and are fully equipped to face challenges in scheduling.

Construction disputes can arise if the project owner and general contractor disagree over the scope of the work to be done. Issues surrounding scheduling and project delays can be complicated. Our CPM scheduling experts help construction firms settle construction disputes amicably. Their technical expertise enables them to synthesize historical project data and trace the origins of the problem. If you and your contractor are in dispute over the scope of your project and the matter reaches court, our CPM scheduling experts can serve as expert witnesses.

The Swaney Corporation-Crowe Construction offers top-notch CPM scheduling services. No matter how complicated your project is, we can successfully work with you to create an accurate project schedule. To learn more, call our office today at 707 665 9668.