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The Cost-effective Benefits of Outsourcing Construction litigation: Intro

Construction litigation occurs when a construction company and their client cannot resolve a dispute or a claim is filed. This can involve a breach of contract, fraud, negligence, or failure to perform contractual obligations between parties.

Construction litigation is a costly, time-consuming process. Instead of attempting to do everything yourself, consider partnering with a company that can help provide you litigation and claims support. A claims and litigation support service can help you navigate the complex litigation process.

Here are some reasons to partner with a construction claims and litigation consulting firm in California.

Access to a Wide Variety of Services

In general, many firms such as attorneys, general contractors, sub-contractors or owners outsource or retain assistance when complex case management is required for mediation, arbitration or trial.  This alternate support system is used in a variety of ways to make legal issues or disputes more cost effective. The more basic but extremely important tasks include document production management, document organization, document research, power point presentations, data entry, graphics, exhibit preparation and assistance with deposition and trial preparation.

Other types of firms include specialized experience in certain areas, like theconstruction industry. They are registered professionals such as civil or structural engineers, licensed or specialty licensed contractors and architects. They often supply expert witness services and expert testimony. Included in those services are forensic delay analysis, construction claim preparation, deposition aid, detailed reports about damages, identification of construction deficiencies and recommendations for corrective actions and claims avoidance services.

When you outsource construction litigation to a construction litigation support service, you get access to these services saving time and money.

Frees up Time for Your Team

From research to documentation, a litigation and claims support service helps streamline the process, so your employees can stay focused on their most important tasks. In addition, it’s a great way to ensure your employees are not overwhelmed by the extensive documentation required in establishing their case.


If you decide to handle construction litigation yourself, you will have to maintain an in-house team of experts with specialized legal knowledge. As a result, your operational expenses can go up before you know it.

Outsourcing construction litigation and claims support is a cost-effective alternative to maintaining an in-house team. Litigation support services charges vary depending on the types and nature of services offered. Rates can be based on an hourly basis and other times an overall budget can be provided.

Is Construction Litigation Outsourcing Just for Bigger Construction Firms?

No. In fact, outsourcing these services can benefit small businesses immensely as they get access to specialized services that they wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise.

Utilizing Litigation support services in the construction industry is an extremely useful means to avoid long term costly and taxing legal disputes with the ultimate goal of negotiating a reasonable and acceptable settlement to all parties involved.

The Swaney Corporation – Crowe Construction offers top notch construction litigation and claims support services. Our experts have years of experience helping prepare documentation, supporting litigation services, and providing thorough investigation into all manner of claims consulting and litigation issues. To learn more, call (707) 665-9668.