Who We Are & What We Do

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If not managed properly, a complex construction project can result in costly inefficiencies and delays in completion. The Swaney Corporation-Crowe Construction, Inc. helps clients avoid potential problems prior to construction taking place and is also actively involved in resolving issues that occur during construction or after construction has been completed.

The Swaney Corporation-Crowe Construction, Inc. is a full-service professional construction management firm. We specialize in critical path method project scheduling, construction defect investigation, and completion contracting administration for projects that are at risk of default.

We understand that cost overrun is a major concern. We help plan projects in advance and identify critical tasks through project scheduling so clients can focus on delivering projects on-time and on-budget. 

Our team consists of civil engineers, licensed contractors, and contract administrators. With a combined experience of over 60 years, we have managed large-scale projects from start to finish in a professional, courteous manner saving clients both time and money.

We have been doing this nationwide for more than three decades. Our licensed professionals and technical expertise give us an edge over the competition. We explore innovative ways to solve complex construction problems and offer precise and professional solutions without cutting corners.

What We Do

Critical Path Method Project Scheduling

We help both private and public agencies identify core schedule planning procedures that are essential for project completion and use the latest Primavera P6 project scheduling software to build baseline schedules and monitor progress. Our teams maintain construction schedules by providing updates to accommodate any changes in the work in accordance with applicable contract scheduling requirements and best scheduling practices.

We use tried and tested CPM scheduling delay methodologies to determine the cause and extent of delays so the responsible party may be held accountable. If a client’s contractor requests an extension, we help the client evaluate their request and make an informed decision. When a project goes off-track, our team helps the client outline the strategies and identify the measures they need to take to get it back on track. 

Construction Defect Investigation

Our staff has diverse backgrounds with varied areas of expertise with an emphasis on exterior building envelopes specializing in water infiltration defects.  We also provide expertise in grading and paving defects.

When a project becomes troublesome our consultants are there to assist contractors, insurance companies, sureties, and law firms, from the initial investigative stages to conflict resolution.  This may come from on-the-job problem solving or through mediation, providing expert testimony during arbitration or trial testimony when required.  Fair and reasonable settlement, however, is our priority. The Swaney Corporation-Crowe Construction, Inc. can provide it all.  

Construction Management & Completion Contracting Administration

We assist general contractors, sureties, and owners to effectively manage and track their project costs, schedules, and completion work. Our teams use specialized project management techniques and tools to identify project risks and offer solutions to mitigate those risks. We also investigate subcontractor claims as well as coordinate with subcontractors and other project stakeholders and aim for a profitable outcome for all involved.

Whether you’re looking for a partner in ensuring that your construction project runs smoothly, need a second pair of eyes, or are looking to identify the key components of your project, The Swaney Corporation-Crowe Construction, Inc. can help! We pride ourselves on our reputation of being one of the most trustworthy resources to use when identifying ways to improve a construction project end-to end. Contact us at (707) 665 9668 to learn more about our services.